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STEM Project in 6H

Year 6 started working on projects during their time at home. The project was designed by Miss Pearce to get our students to help the wider community stop the spread of disease. 6H worked on creating education materials to help younger students understand why and how they need to wash their hands. Students had to create a model that collected and filtered rainwater for people to use to wash their hands. These were designed to be used in areas with not a lot of water, in 6H’s case, for Kenya specifically. 6H presented their models and education materials to 3N and 3B, as well as Mr Jenkins, Ms Doran and Mr Roberts. Year 6 spent all of Term 2 working on their designs and are very proud of what they created.

Miss Hughes and 6H

Click on the links below to view our students work.

Manana's website

Vainavi's presentation

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