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Recycling at Westmead Public School

At Westmead Public School, we are caring for the environment (and learning about the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability) through our recycling program.

We are very fortunate to have access to co-mingled recycling at our school, and in order for items to be recycled once they leave our school, it is important for the correct items to be placed in the bins.

Recycling bins are dark green with a yellow lid (garbage bins at our school are blue, and at home have a red lid). You can put the following empty items in the recycling bins:

-          Paper and cardboard (with sticky tape/blue-tac removed)

-          Hard plastic containers/bottles (with the triangle symbol with numbers 1-6)

-          Glass jars

-          Tin cans

Please do not put these items in recycling bins:

-          Plastic bags of any kind (these can be dropped off for soft plastic recycling at supermarkets)

-          Food

-          Tissues/wet wipes/paper towel

-          Stationery (pens/pencils, etc.)

Students and teachers check the bins before they are put out for recycling, and they appreciate not having to remove rubbish from recycling bins.

For more information, please visit https://www.cumberland.nsw.gov.au/environment/waste-and-recycling/recycling