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Year 2 Launch Day 2022

Year 2 Science Launch Day

Students participated in a day of fun science activities exploring the properties of materials and their uses. Students investigated how materials can be changed, manipulated and combined by rotating through six STEM activities.

  1. Feeling materials
  2. Changing shapes
  3. Combining materials
  4. Strength of materials
  5. Transparent, translucent and opaque materials
  6. Strength of materials when wet

See the photo gallery here!


Year 2 History Launch Day

Year 2 students had a History Launch Day to participate in a range of activities related to this term’s History unit of work ‘The Past in the Present’. Students came dressed up in the colour of the Aboriginal Flag of red, yellow and black or as an archaeologist or in clothes different to now that were worn in the past.

The children experienced what it was like in the past by participating in an archaeologist dig, making a classroom garden, creating tools and dot painting artworks inspired by Aboriginal art and culture. 

See the photo gallery here!

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